Do Hair Tools Really Matter????

Do Hair Tools Really Matter????



The simple answer to this is “ Yes Of Course They Do”. Hair tools are your best friend when it comes to creating your perfect style and controlling your unruly locks. To give you a brief insight into what hair tools actually matter and are worth your hard earned money, I have put together a must have collection to put into your basket giving you an explanation into what these amazing hair inventions do for your daily creations. You don’t need every one of these but choose the tool that works best for your hair type.


Vent Brush


This brush is a fabulous detangler and allows the air and hair to flow easily through the brush but at the same time directing it into a smooth style. A Vent Brush can also create excellent root lift especially on short hair.

Wide Tooth Comb


I love this comb as it has a few teeth with wide gaps between them, which works wonders on detangling wet curly hair or even brush out your dry curly locks with minimal frizzing.

Paddle Brush


A paddle Brush is a wide Brush creating straight smooth styles in record time. This hair invention is great on long thick hair and gets the job done super fast.

Boar Bristle Brush

images (1)

This brush is fabulous for creating smooth and shiny styles as it spreads the natural oils(Sebum) from the scalp and through the hair giving a smoother look and eliminating frizz. I find this brush always works best on fine to medium hair or hair with alot of static.

Round Brush


This is my favourite brush, it has the ability to create smooth styles with movement as it has a ceramic centre which holds the heat from your dryer creating curls, waves and lots of volume. I always recommend having more than one as you and wrap your hair around the brush  leaving it in to set to create a fabulous bouncy curl. Always make sure you choose the right brush for your hair lenght, small for short, medium for shoulder length hair and large for hair below the shoulder.

Backcombing Brush


If you want a quick and easy way to create volume a back combing brush is the tool for you . By brushing your hair in the opposite direction towards the root this little wonder creates instant volume. Works amazing on fine hair or hair that just lies completely flat even after styling. Be careful with this brush when backcombing, treat your hair gently and only do this occasionally so you don’t over damage your hair.

A Really AMAZING Hair Dryer


Please, Please invest in a good quality salon dryer if you have a bad dryer you will most definitely have bad hair. Make sure the top of the nozzle has a thin opening where the air flows out as it has a more direct flow and gives you more control. The wider the opening the less control you have with you hair dryer. Always ask your stylist what blower they use and where you can get one, it will save your hair.

Diffuser Attachment For Your Blower


A diffuser was invented to attach to you hairdryer to create a natural bouncy head of curls. It works best on naturally curly hair. When using a diffuser attachment always make sure your dryer is on a low air flow setting but medium to high heat. Set your damp curly locks on the diffuser and let the air do the work. It always creates a better curl with the use of moose or a light hair gel. When you style your hair you will notice less frizz and a curl you will be proud of.

Flat Iron Or Curling Iron

download (1)

I’m not a huge fan of the flat iron or the Curling Iron, but on a few occasions this baby is great for creating curls on that special night out and works best on straight hair types that doesnt style easily to make sure they lasts. The main reason styles last longer with these tools is because they use direct heat on the hair and this creates better form in the hair.

Sectioning Grips


These tools are essential to every hair creation, as you can use them to section the hair making your job a lot easier when styling. Do make sure you buy a strong grip that can hold the weight of your hair as there is nothing more irritating that your hair dropping each time you clip up a section when Styling.

Now that you have a brief insight into what should work best for you, do your research on the tools you are going to invest in, and always remember buy the tools for your hair type. Never be scared to ask your stylist for direction in selecting tools, Happy Hair Styling.  

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