A New Venture, A New Salon

A New Venture, A New Salon


I would like to start by screaming out a big woohoo. I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have just opened my first Hair Salon, The Cellar Salon in Yorkville on Avenue and Davenport.

This salon was created to give high end service with a reasonable price tag. The world is moving forward and with this so are many businesses. Gone are the days of going to a high end business in the service industry and charging ridiculous prices for mediocre services with not many perks. Salons have to change, they need to be more customer driven and be aware of what people want to spend.

The Cellar Salon does everything and more. Enjoy a relaxed cosy environment have your color, cuts or whatever services you desire with attention to detail and your Stylist really loving the art of hair. Creating what you need working on the type of hair you have and making it work for you.

While you’re waiting enjoy a coffee,  a herbal tea and other beverages with cookies. Each client will be given a tablet to watch their favourite shows, play games, check their emails or read you’re favorite magazines subscriptions. If you want to relax after your service grab a barstool and watch t.v. and simply just hang out. This salon was made for the client, as I am a firm believer that Number 1. The customer is always right. Number 2. It’s always about the client and their needs and Number 3. Aim to please and be honest with each and every client with their expectations for their hair, but communicate what might be best for them also.

After reading this I hope it gives you an insight into what you can expect from this new venture and I hope to see you all soon. Check out thecellarsalon.com to book your online appointment.






2 thoughts on “A New Venture, A New Salon

  1. Hi Aaron: Thanks for sending the notice about your new salon. Congratulations! I would like to point out that there is a typo in the paragraph starting with “While your waiting enjoy a coffee”, the second word should be “you’re”. It is a contraction of you are. Sorry to be so picky, but I am a proof-reader and poor grammar/spelling sets my head spinning (and messes up my hair!). Much good luck to you in your new endeavor.

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