Tame that Mane with The defrizzing, Smoothing Lakme range. I love love this product. It really does what it says on the tin.

The Lakme Straight Product Line is designed with Straightening and Restructuring properties that enhance your shine and softens the hair. The meadow foam and ceramides visibly improves the hair softness and also makes it easier to manage your hair. It also helps to prevent damage from hair dryers and straighteners


Working with Frizzy hair can be a chore, but with these products your uncontrollable locks don’t stand a chance. This does not mean that the most expensive product is always the best. Make sure that you are getting the proper shampoo’s etc. to suit your hair types



Test3 ProdShampoo


Smoothing shampoo for frizzy or straightened hair

I find this a great product as it restores the smoothness of frizzy hair by gently cleansing as it moisturizes and straightens your hair. It tame’s your hair and makes those curls more manageable.

How best to apply:

The best way to use this product is to simply apply to wet hair, Lather and then rinse.



Protective and smoothing gel for frizzy or straightened hair

The Lakme protective gel helps to protect, moisturize and straighten your hair while drying. It is easier to manage while leaving your hair soft with a shiny finish.


Just apply product to towel dried hair, leave in until dry.



Extreme heat protection spray

If using heat irons and straighteners, this product gives excellent protection from heat damage.


Best way to apply:

You simply spray evenly over your dry hair (lock to lock) then use your straighteners and flat iron, starting from the roots and working to the ends.



Treatment for frizzy or straightened hair.

I would recommend this product after using chemical straightening treatment. It restructures , straightens and moisturizes your hair leaving your hair soft, shiny and easy to manage.


How to apply:

Simply shampoo your hair, towel dry, leave to work for a few minutes and then rinse.


Ladies, dont miss my blog on Monday, I will be giving you tips on how to use Olive oil.  Its fun, its simple to use and best of all it natural.

Olive oil

For more information on this range of products, some advice or to book an appointment please feel free to call us on 416-925-3292 or you can check out my salon at

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