Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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Everyone loves a bit of olive oil to cook or dress your favourite dish but don’t forget its fantastic for the hair. Below I’ve given a little information into the world of olive oil

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What is Olive Oil? Olive oil is a natural fruit from the Olive Tree. It is a traditional tree of the Mediterranean. The oil is produced by the pressing of the Olive. It has a variety of uses like Cooking, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic’s and Soap.


The Main Benefits: When used in hair, the main benefit is very apparent as it coats each strand of hair with oil which in turn makes it stronger and gives it a lovely vibrant shine.   Olive Oil has vitamins A, E and also has Antioxidant’s which helps to strengthen the hair and give it its natural shine


Nutrition:   It is also a great way of adding nutrition back into your hair helping to reduce your split ends.


Cold Weather ,Dry, Fizzy and Split Ends: Olive oil is a great way of keeping your hair in great shape in cold weather as it helps to keep each strand of hair moistened which helps stop your hair going Dry and Fizzy and helps to prevent split ends

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Manageability: When your hair is moistened it is much easier to manage and makes straightening or curling hair much easier.


Dandruff: Dry scalp can lead to the dreaded dandruff, if you moisten the scalp with Olive Oil it helps to stop the dryness and irritation which cause’s dandruff.


Moisten and Condition: If you use Olive Oil on a regular basis it helps to naturally moisten and condition your hair. It can also add silicone to your hair, this keeps your hair feeling vibrant and soft.   Olive Oil can be used as a natural conditioner.

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How do you apply Olive Oil to your hair? 

  1.   First of all you need to heat up approximately half a cup of Olive Oil, this can be done in a microwave oven Make sure that your only warm it up and not to the point where it gets  too hot.

2.   Put a small amount of Olive Oil onto your hands (approx. 1 tea spoon in each hand) rub this into your hand.

3.  Now that you are ready to apply it to your hair, start rubbing the oil into the roots of your hair, applying more and more oil to your hands as you move out to the tips of your              hair until all your hair is saturated.

4.  Use an old towel or shower cap to wrap around your head to hold in the heat for 5/10-minutes for a light conditioning or up to approx. 45/50 minutes for a deeper conditioning.

5.  When finished remove the towel or shower cap then shampoo and condition your hair as normal.


After you have dried your hair it should be fun fabulous and shiny. Don’t forget to check out my interesting masktastic hair concoctions next week that all contain olive oil.

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