Products For Curls

Products For Curls

Curlup LakeMe Salon

The Cellar Salon

Hello Ladies, This week I am going to introduce you to the CURL UP product s. These two products are easy and fun to use, part of the formula used is Honey. The honey helps to protect against repeated use of dryers. The honey also helps to moisturize your hair while helping to repair your damaged ends.

Curlup LakeMe Sham


This is really a great Moisturizing Shampoo which has been formulated for use on curly Hair. It’s easy and fun to use, it gently cleans your hair, has great fizz control, bounce, and has a great effect on your hair. It penetrates the Hair Fibre and it also helps to repair damaged Ends. It leaves your hair soft and a lot easier to manage.

The best way to apply to your hair is when your hair is wet, you then lather, and rinse Its Simple, Fun and gives Great Results.

Curlup Lakme CurlsAaronSal

Curlup Lakme Cond


Curl up conditioner is another great product, easy to use with great results. It moistens, gives great bounce and helps to repair those damaged ends while maintaining longer lasting curls. The Lakme Curl Up conditioner helps to control that dreaded fizz and it protects all hair types from exposure to the sun. It restores and gives a nice healthy shine.

This is a fun product to use, so after shampooing your hair you simply towel dry, apply the conditioner and just leave in.


Now Ladies don’t forget, Monday’s article is the second part about Olive Oil for your hair.

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