Now Ladies lets have some fun, this recipe is all about Olive Oil and Eggs it is mainly used on Dry Hair.  So before we start you will need 2 Large Table Spoons of Olive Oil (Virgin Oil if you have it), Two Eggs, a whisk and a medium sized bowl.

Olive Oil

Please take note that the amount of oil used depends on the length of your hair.  I have based the measures above on a person with medium length hair, but if your hair is short only use one spoonful and if it’s very long use an extra spoonful.


Now Girls, let the fun begin, you need to put the 2 table spoons of Oil into the Bowl.  Crack the two eggs and separate the white from the yolks (egg yolks contain protein that helps to moisturize dry hair).  Put the two yolks into the bowl and then mix until the oil and the eggs have completely blended.


For the best results you should apply the mixture to damp/wet hair.   You then apply the mixture to your hair starting from the roots through to the tips, using a wide toothed comb to ensure every strand is covered.

You should cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for approximately 30 minutes.


After the 30 minutes you should shampoo you hair with cool water (make sure it is cool and not hot, as I am sure you do not want to see scrambled eggs in your hair)

Olive Oil Pic4

Once you have removed all the excess oil and egg from your hair, dry your hair as normal. See the transformation from dry hair to a smooth, soft and moisturized texture


Now Ladies don’t forget to look at next week’s article, as we will be using Coconut Oil


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