Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil is a Natural Oil that is fun to use but is very effective in conditioning both your scalp and your hair.  The fatty acids in Coconut produce vitamins and minerals that help to protect, enhance and increases the growth of your hair.  The protein from the fatty acids makes the hair soft and shiny.

When you massage your scalp with coconut oil it also helps to keep dandruff and lice at bay.  If you have dry or frizzy hair it helps to moisten and also helps to prevent it becoming frayed at the ends.  For people with extremely dry hair or, in worse cases damaged hair, should after shampooing use a small amount and just leave it in.  Another great point is it can be used on wet or dry hair as a control for frizzy hair.




If you use Coconut Oil once or twice a week, it will help your hair growth and will also make your hair look a lot healthier

Coconut Oil is great for Hair Loss, as it easily penetrates your scalp adding essential nutrients to your hair follicles and helps slow down premature hair loss.


The easiest way to use Coconut Oil is to put it into a microwave container and microwave on full power for 20/30 seconds or until it dissolves into a liquid form, make sure it is only lukewarm as you will be applying the liquid to your scalp.


Start massaging the liquid to your scalp starting from the forehead right back to your neck and then to both sides.  Massaging for approx. 4/5 minutes s this helps your blood circulation. With the remaining oil apply to your hair strands until they are fully covered.


Remember Ladies always shampoo twice and condition after

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