Lakme Body Maker Products

Today we are going to look at the Lakme Body Care Products.  These are great products for treating dry or brittle hair.  They increase your volume providing a permanent conditioning treatment, giving it strength and better resistance to breakage



Fine or BrittleShamSide

Body Maker Shampoo

Body Maker Shampoo is great for giving strength and volume to your hair and also improves resistance to breakage, giving your hair volume yet leaving it soft, light and manageable.


Simply apply to wet hair, Lather, and then rinse.  If your hair is very dry try using it with Body Maker Treatment.

Fine or BrittleCondSide

Body Maker Conditioner

Body Maker Conditioner moisturizes your hair and improves resistance to breakage.  It gives extra body and leaves a lovely natural shine while increasing volume.  The Great thing about this conditioner is the way it reconstructs your hair from the inside which helps to improves resistance.

How to use

After shampooing, towel dry then simply apply an even coat and leave for about 4/5 minutes, rinse as normal.



Located on the lower level of the Davenport Salon

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