Coconut Oil Conditioning and Color

Coconut Oil Conditioning and Color

Coconut Oil is a great treat for your hair it helps to protect your hair from sun damage, eliminate dandruff helps to keep it moist and to repair split ends and it can also be used as a base for your color.

Pic of Coconut1

Deep Conditioning 

You must ensure that you have a at least 1 ½ hours, the longer the better as the longer you leave it in the more you get from the oils, it helps to repair split ends and also moistens your scalp.


You will need a Comb, towel or a shower cap and a bowl to melt your coconut oil, only heat it to room temperature or until it dissolves.

Pic of HairWash your hair and let it dry naturally.


Use your fingers to massage the oil into your hair and work through with the comb.

When finished wrap your hair in the towel or shower cap and leave it for at least 40/50 minutes or a little longer if you have the time.

Shampoo as normal, to remove excess oil.


You can at this stage or if you have some oil left over apply it to the ends of your hair this will help reduce split ends or if you want extra shine work a small amount through your hair again (About small spoonful is about all you need)

With all this done you are now ready to style.


Coconut Oil as a Base for Colorred hair

If you are coloring your hair you should use coconut oil because it penetrates your hair deeper and faster than most other oils.  It helps to keep your hair more vibrant with a longer lasting color.


Preparation, you need your coconut oil, a towel or a shower cap, a comb, your color and of course gloves

Pic of Coco Oil

Heat your oil until it reaches room temperature or it is fully melted.

Mix your color with the coconut oil and apply as normal.

When the color has set shampoo to remove all excess oil and color.

Wrap your hair with the towel or shower cap and leave to set overnight

Remember Ladies the easiest way to use Coconut Oil is to put it into a microwave container and microwave on full power for 20/30 seconds or until it dissolves into a liquid form, make sure it is only lukewarm as you will be applying the liquid to your scalp.


Pic of Salon

Interior Picture of the Cellar Salon


Located on the lower level of the Davenport Salon

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