Shampoo for all Hair Types and Deep Cleansing

Shampoo for all Hair Types and Deep Cleansing

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Today I am concentrating on a shampoo for all Hair Types and also looking at a Deep Cleansing Shampoo both from the Lakme Line of products


Shampoo for All Hair

Gentle Balance Shampoo from Lakme

This is a shampoo you can use on normal hair on a regular basis. It leaves your scalp and hair moisturized, healthy and helps to protect against external factors.  It is fun and simple to use.


The most you have to do is apply it to wet hair, lather and then rinse.


Shampoo for deep clean

Lakme Extreme Cleanse Shampoo

This is a Deep Cleaning Clarifying Shampoo that removes styling product build up and hard water mineral residue.  It has high moisturizing power which helps to recover your natural shine, softness and general good health of your hair.  It leaves a very nice refreshing feel.


Simply apply to wet hair and scalp, lather and then rinse, try alternating with your usual shampoo.


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Interior Picture The Cellar Salon

2 thoughts on “Shampoo for all Hair Types and Deep Cleansing

  1. Hello Aaron my daughter Taryn has crazy thick hair random strangers refer to it as her mane. I need a deep conditioning shampoo & conditioner for her (she is 16) so she is always changing her style. Straight one day curly the next – please help!!!!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      This is one of the most moisturizing and healhy shampoos on the market for thick unruly hair. Copy and paste links:
      Shampoo link:

      Conditioner Link:

      Google Saryna Key, I love the brand

      In the Lakme Range which is the Line closet to my heart I love the Deep care range

      I hope this helps your daughtera hair

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