Hello Ladies nice to be back.  Now that we are approaching the summer I will try and stay one step ahead and base this article on Sun Damaged Hair.  It will give us the opportunity to stay one step ahead.

Summer Scene 1



Sun Damaged Shampoo

After sun repair and protect shampoo

This is a really good shampoo as it removes the chlorine and seawater residue.  This shampoo is great because it can be used by all hair types.  It protects your hair from ultra violet ray while moisturizing and repairing your hair.   It also maintains your color your shine and leaves your hair really soft and easy to manage and protects your scalp.

The best way to apply this shampoo is to wet your hair then apply lather and rinse.

Summer TreatmentSun Damaged Treatment

After sun intensive restructuring treatment for damaged hair

As with the shampoo this treatment is for all hair types.  It moisturizes repairs and protects against ultraviolet rays and in general exposure to the sun and maintains your color and shine.

Another simple product to use, After you shampoo your hair, towel dry and apply evenly to your hair, leave for a few minutes and then just rinse.

Toronto Plane



Sun Damaged Hair Serum

Repairing serum for sun-damaged ends

This serum helps you to recover that natural softness and shine, It is an intensive treatment for your hair ends and adheres the damaged areas to form a protective cost.

How to apply, You can apply the serum to either dry or wet hair, make sure to take extra care to the damaged areas and just leave it in to do its good work. (After use your hair will feel nice, smooth and silky)


Protective spray for hair

This protective spray is a must have as you can use it as regularly as required.  When used it gives you instant protection from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays and not only that it also protect your hair from seawater and chlorine.

Application, Spray frequently onto wet hair and leave it in.


Ladies don’t forget to check in at the end of the week to see what natural products that we can use to beautify your hair.

The Cellar

The Cellar Salon


Located on the lower level of the Davenport Salon





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