Treatment for Blond and White Hair

Treatment for Blond and White Hair

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Blond Hair

Treatment for Blond and White Hair

With the weather starting to get hotter and a lot more sunshine, I will introduce you to a product that I use in my Salon for people with blond or white hair.  It will help you to restore and to eliminate the dreaded yellow tone while moisturizing and giving extra softness and shine to your hair.  There are two Lakme products that I recommend.



This is a toning shampoo for natural blonde, highlighted and white hair.  It gently cleanses and prevents the yellow tints that often appear in your hair. It softens, restores, moisturizes and brings back that natural shine and bounce while given extra protection while repairing your hair.

It is so easy to use, simply apply to wet hair, lather and then rinse.

Treatment Sideways

Ultra Clair Treatment for Blonde and White Hair

This is another great product and so easy to use, it is for all types of natural blond and white hair.   It restructures damaged fibres in your hair which in turn helps it to recover its natural beauty and shine.  It has high moisturizing power and its formula helps to restores its natural balance and flexibility.

How to apply, After you have shampooed your hair, towel dry and apply, leave in for approx. 3 or 4 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

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