Mahogany & Red

Mahogany & Red

If you have Mahogany or Red hair and want to prevent loss of color and enhance the richness and shine of your hair. Lakme have formulated a great shampoo and a color mask for Mahogany and Red Hair. The things I like about this product are they are fun and simple to use.
Shampoo Red 1



This shampoo is a must for people with Mahogany or Red colored hair.  It gently cleans and enhances the shine and richness bringing back that ultra-softness and loss of color. It protects your scalp and makes your hair so much easier to manage.

Application: You just apply to wet hair, lather and then rinse thoroughly.  Don’t forget to wash your hands after use.

Treatment for Mahog Red 1



This is a Color refreshing mask for mahogany and red hair.  It repairs and protects your hair leaving it so soft and shiny.  It helps your Hair recover its flexibility.  It moisturizes and boosts your color leaving your hair feeling healthy and restored.

How to apply,  After shampooing, towel dry your hair and leave for approx. 3 minutes then rinse thoroughly and remember Ladies to wash them hands afterwards.


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