Is Your Hair Thinning??? Kermax Cares, Love Your Hair Again

Is Your Hair Thinning??? Kermax Cares, Love Your Hair Again



I have been going through my hair loss journey for quite a while now and am struggling with the fact that I am going bald. I’m sure most of you going through a similar situation, from balding to just having thin hair, understand how hard it is when you start to lose your crown and glory. I literally despise the fact that my hair has decided to separate from me and has left a complete void in which I am hoping to fill.

Going through this dreaded experience which I know seems like a first world problem but it effects me in every way I feel about myself as I am no longer me, I have morphed into a more invisible version of myself. In conclusion to this I decided to join the Kermax team as they follow the same belief as I do, love your hair again and love yourself again.


The product line itself is a more natural based product full of yummy natural ingredients that help in the aid of making your hair look bigger fuller and more fabulous. I use this in my hair-loss routine to help increase my chances of having a fuller head of hair more naturally and safely. Natural and safe are the two key words which made me feel comfortable and believe in this product as this is what I write about every week.


When I talk to my clients everyday I feel their struggle with hair-loss, whether they have fought cancer and finished chemo or just have had children or just stressed out from daily life. Women are the strongest creatures on the planet but when I hear them talk about their hair-loss I feel the hurt and disappointment and they just don’t know where to turn when it comes to losing their identity. My advice is always a healthy diet, exercise, and more natural based products that will help in their daily routine.h-kermax-treat-e


Kermax is easy to use, smells good, lasts and does what is says on the tin. Im behind this product as it and the people behind Kermax really care and want to teach you how to love your hair again. As the Ambassador for this fab line I will be posting easy tips and how to use Kermax products to get the best out of it and your hair, so stay tuned. Check us out @ .

One thought on “Is Your Hair Thinning??? Kermax Cares, Love Your Hair Again

  1. Love your story as we relate to you. This is why we created Kermax and so excited and thankful to have you as our Ambassador! Thank you Aaron! 😊

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