Vitamins and Your Hair

Vitamins and Your Hair


Healthy hair is not just about what you put in your hair but also about your diet.  It can be just as important to know what vitamins and food you can add to your diet which may also help you to maintain good healthy hair.  I have made up this list of vitamins to help you understand what vitamins and food you should be adding to your diet.

MangoVitamin A;

Vitamin A, is very beneficial for the growth of your hair, Carrots, Oranges, Mango and Prunes all carry a high vitamin a content

CarroVitamin B;

Vitamin B stimulates Hemoglobin, which acts as the oxygen carrier in our blood and helps to strengthen your hair.  Beans, Potato, Fish, Chicken and Banana all carry vitamin B and help blood circulation on your scalp.

OrangeVitamin C;

Vitamin C helps in Collagen production, a key component of hair, Collagen is the basic form of protein found in the body and is the strength of your hair.  Kiwi, Oranges and Alma all contain Vitamin C and should be added to your diet on a regular basis.

AlmaVitamin E;

Vitamin E increases blood circulation and hair growth, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil and Corfu have a high vitamin E content.

Iron      Iron is essential for your hair growth, Broccoli and spinach are excellent carriers of Iron


You don’t have to go on a crazy diet to maintain your hair, but adding one or two ingredients can be a fun and healthy option to help your hair.



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