See and feel the difference after just one shampoo

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Do you ever come home and look at your hair and feel that it is dull, lifeless and needs a good lift.  Well Kermax Volumizing  Shampoo will do just that for you.  It is fun and easy to use.  It will transform fine hair into visibly fuller thicker looking hair.  It adds vitality, body and shine to tired, lifeless and damaged hair while gently cleansing and leaving you with fantastic natural, healthy looking hair Kermax Volumizing Shampoo also supports  scalp health.

How to apply

Apply to wet hair and gently massage. KerMax creates less lather and less residue for a cleaner rinse and a healthier scalp.

Rinse and repeat.

Why Kermax

Remember Ladies, KerMax™ Volumizing Shampoo with KerGro™ is Drug-free, safe for all ethnicities and hair types.  It is Free from chemical preservatives, Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free and of course is  Not tested on animals

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