My Hair Loss Journey with Kermax

My Hair Loss Journey with Kermax


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As you may have all read I have been on a roller-coaster hair journey. The first time I shaved my head due to excessive hair loss I told myself I was ok and there are worse things in life and made the statement ” Feck it Sure its Grand”. Even though I do consider this a first world problem, never the less its important to me and my image and yes that sounds vein but if you read my first blog on the situation you will realize that my hair was my comfort blanket and it was a Hugh part of how I looked and felt about myself.



After I shaved my head I lived with it for a bit and tried to accept it but it didn’t help when the responses to me shaving my locks where negative. People asking why I got rid of it and I looked better with a full head of hair. This disheartened me and made me feel extremely unattractive and that I had given up on my

I thought to myself it was time to take action and look for product that would actually work for me as my first step. Low and behold I was contacted by Kermax, a company which specializes in creating a natural, safe product to help with thinning hair and to give it volume and body. They wanted me to represent their line and try their product. I tried it and I fell in love, not only their product but the company themselves. Their belief in helping people and producing a quality product that cares astounded me and I wanted to be part of that.


I was using a minoxidil product in the past that didn’t agree with me and didn’t do much apart from make my scalp itchy raw and sore. I have an extremely sensitive scalp and needed something to help regain some of my hair at least which not only fell out from stress but it was heredity.


We all understand that there is no magical potion or pill out there to give you a full head of hair you once had as a kid, but I truly believe that Kermax helped with my hair in regards to thickness of the strands and volume. I had some finer patches of hair in which filled in and my scalp was no longer clammy and it felt healthy again. I personally noticed some of my hair growing back in better condition and will continue to use this line as I know it will help with my hair restoration journey.



Like I said there is no magical pill out there to help regrow hair that I had completely lost and the hair no longer existed . The next part of my journey alongside a product which I know works was a hair transplant. which I will fill you on in my next personal blog. When you know you need the extra help, why not do it and I did with the help of the transplant. I needed to fill the gaps in which no product could refill if there is no base or hair there.


Kermax have helped me throughout my own journey and the ups and downs of hair-loss. They introduced me to a product line that I will use for a long time to come that is safe to use alongside my transplant to keep my hair Healthy and thick.We all need a crutch sometimes to help us along some of our journeys and Kermax did just that. You can Love Your Hair Again, thanks Kermax @


4 thoughts on “My Hair Loss Journey with Kermax

  1. Thanks to seeing your hair-styling magic performances on the Marilyn show, I’m lucky to now have you as my hair stylist. A month ago, you introduced me to the KerMax hair products and have to tell you, Aaron, I’ve noticed positive change in the texture of my thining hair! I can hardly wait to see how the KerMax products are going to further effect my health of my hair as time goes on. Looking forward to show off my thicker / healthier hair at my next appointment with you.

  2. Kudos on doing what makes you happy. What a difference already! Also love that you are real about your struggle. Great seeing you and your positive and infectious personality on Marylin show. Xo

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