Let’s look at the many benefits of Tomatoes for your hair

Let’s look at the many benefits of Tomatoes for your hair


You might ask why would I use tomatoes in my hair?  Well tomatoes contain numerous vitamins and minerals that are great for the health of your hair.  (A lot of shampoos and conditioners contain extracts from the tomato) They contain Vitamins A, B, C,E and K.  They also contain Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus and Zinc, Here are eight reasons why you should use tomato in your hair.

  1. Tomatoes are a fabulous conditioner as they help to add shine and makes your hair soft and manageable.
  2. Tomato Hair Rinse is a great way to remove excess build up from the scalp. Remove the skin and seeds from 3 tomatoes, squeeze the juice into a bowl and then apply to your scalp and hair.  Leave for approximately 1 hour and then wash out.
  1. Tomato pulp applied to the scalp is considered a good way to prevent hair loss.
  2. By applying a small amount of tomato oil to your hair will keep your hair manageable and frizz free.

Tomato Puree

  1. If you suffer from dry hair, Tomato puree contains a high amount of protein and by applying tomato puree to your hair, will give it radiance and elasticity. The best way to do this is to mix a small drop of oil with puree and apply to your hair.  Leave for about 30 minutes and then wash out.  This will leave your hair soft, flexible and shiny.
  2. Is your hair strands very brittle and dry, this can be caused by the loss of moisture from your scalp, tomato helps to prevent this by helping to lock in the moisture preventing your hair from becoming dry and brittle.
  3. If you have itchy scalp and or dandruff, tomato contains vitamin C, which helps you to fight dandruff and provides collagen for tissue development. So to apply Take 2 to 3 ripe tomatoes and make a thick pulp of it  add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the blend and form a smooth paste. Massage the mix gently on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with water and let it dry.
  1. Tomato juice also acts as a great soaking agent which helps to remove odours. Apply freshly squeezed tomato juice on the scalp and massage into your hair and leave for 30/40 minutes and then wash out as normal.


It just goes to show sometimes the most simple of products can be the best.

Remember Ladies to look us up next week for more simple tips on how to treat and manage your hair

Note; if you have sensitive skin or tend to have allergic reactions, please ensure that you do a patch test before fully applying any ingredients to your hair.

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