Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

Finding the perfect cut for your face

One of the things that I take into consideration before I style a client’s hair is the shape of their face.  To me this is one of the major factors of getting the hairstyle right and making you look absolutely fabulous.

Round faces are naturally symmetrical so the whole idea is to try introducing a haircut that will break this up while still showing off the natural beauty features of your face.  My recommendation for this is the Bob, a nice simple cut but the effects are amazing.  Here are a number of different styles, each with a little twist to help you look a million dollars.

 1.  A round face has natural curves so a bob with straight lines or a slight wave helps to eliminate this and with a simple side parting and slightly covering the face makes the face look slimmer. Adding blond highlights reflects the light onto the face which again helps to make the face appear more oval.


  1. Another great bob you can use is the chin length straight haircut. This counteracts against the curves and is very popular at the moment.  Simply by parting slightly off center and the slight curve of the hairline counteracts against the forehead and cheeks giving a nice balance to your features.


There are huge variations of the bob to suit everyone from short to long, blond to red and it is not just for adults but looks fantastic on children of all ages too



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