Ponytails are a perfect  way to keep your hair in place, it’s one of those  hairstyles that can be put together in minutes and have a very desirable effect.  There are numerous types of ponytails so I am putting together 2 fairly simple styles that can be used casually or for any event, party or for the professional look.  One thing is for sure they all look absolutely fabulous.

 Some useful tips to know when using a pony 

  1. As with most styles you should always shampoo your hair first
  2. Straight hair normally looks best, but a few waves can also give a nice modern look.
  3. Never use elastic bands that are not made for the job.
  4. To help stop hair bags forming under your ponytail, hold your head back when pulling your hair when fixing the elastic

High Ponytails.

A high ponytail is a wonderful way to give yourself a face lift as it puts tension on your cheekbones.

How to apply

  1. Place your fingers at the crown of your head.
  2. Collect a large section of your hair.
  3. Lightly brush
  4. Now put your hair into a ponytail using an elastic or _____and to make it look more effective wrap a strand or two of your hair around the elastic.
  5. You can finish off by using a small amount of hairspray on the back and sides of your gorgeous locks.


  Low Ponytail:

The low ponytail has  a tendency to look more professional and sophisticated, but it can also look modern.

  1. Part your hair in the middle or the side if you prefer.
  2. Gently give your hair a deep brushing.
  3. Any stray hairs should be tucked behind the ears and a gentle spray of hairspray to keep in place.
  4. keeping your hair close to your head, pulling it right back.
  5. Then at the nape of your neck secure it with a rubber band.
  6. Finish off by using hairspray all over your hair.


Remember Ladies the ponytail is not just a hairstyle for a bad day it is a simple and effective hairstyle for all occasions.

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