To Poo or Not to Poo that is the question

To Poo or Not to Poo that is the question


It seems to be a major question at the moment whether to use Shampoo or not to use shampoo.  In reality I think that things have changed so much in the modern world like what we eat, drink and where we live all have a general effect on the quality of our hair.  If you live in the city you are more prone to washing your hair on a daily basis because of the carbon monoxide and pollution in the air.

In most cases the no poo movement does not mean not washing your hair at all.  Maybe a more productive way would be to use natural products as in some of my previous blogs or the main two products people use are Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar.


How to wash your hair the No Poo way;

Take approx 6 tablespoons of baking soda  and mix with approx 10oz of water.  Shake until both the water and soda have mixed properly.  Then rub the mixture into your scalp and hair.  To rinse out just use warm water making sure to remove all the soda from your hair.


If you want to condition your hair the No Poo way;

Take approx ½ cup of warm water and mix with 2/3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Rub mixture into your hair starting from the scalp right through to the ends of your hair.  Then wash out with warm water.

So what are the Good and Bad Points

Many people who have abstained from using shampoo say that after a period of time they felt that their hair was healthier, shinier and had less of a frizz.   They would only wash their hair once or twice a week.

Most of the benefits are anecdotal and over a period of time you train your scalp to become less oily.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Natural water
  2. Less washing
  3. No chemicals, better for you and the environment.
  4. Healthier Hair
  5. If required you can use natural products to get that extra boost.
  6. Better Color retention as washing is less frequent and you are not using chemicals to clean your hair.
  7. Cost saving (Not buying Shampoo or Conditioner



  1. Does not work for everyone in particular people with very oily scalp or people who have very fine hair
  2. Can take up to 3 months to train your hair

3          In general because of the long adjustment period you would have to go out or go to work with greasy/oily hair while you get through the transition period. .

  1. Different Hair has different needs
  2. One of the first steps in the No Poo method is using baking soda and water, which can lead to your scalp becoming dry and itchy.
  3. If you are making your own solutions, travel by air can be a problem due to the strict guidelines on liquids.
  4. If you do an internet search you will see that some people say it leaves their hair greasier and others say that the PH Level in Baking soda has left their hair weaker to the point of breakage.

In general its very controversial, people say its great and others say the opposite, the only person that can really judge the effects is you.

I would really love to hear from you guys as any feedback is welcome.

Note; If you have sensitive skin or tend to have allergic reactions, please ensure that you do a patch test before fully applying any ingredients to your hair


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