Aaron O’Bryan has been in the hair-styling industry for more than 14 years.  He first began his career in Dublin, Ireland and trained in every aspect of hair-styling, specializing in both Color and Cutting. He moved to Canada in 2011 and worked as a manager, Head Color Technician and Stylist at Kearns & Co Hair combining his European technique with the Canadian style of hairdressing. 

Aaron has many skills in the art of hair, but is well known for his hand painted Balayage throughout Toronto. One of Aaron’s biggest and most exciting ventures was competing on “The Search For The Next Marilyn Hair Expert” on CTV’s THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW. With hard work and determination, he came out on top and is now a regular Hair expert on the number 1 show in Canada. Not only does Aaron work on air but he is part of Marilyns Style Team where he does all the behind the scenes hair everyday on the show creating fun and fabulous looks every day.

Aaron has also worked on radio in the past educating listeners on the fabulous ‘What she said’ on SiriusXM. To add to the list Aaron has worked on fashion shoots and many television personalities giving him an extensive knowledge of everything current and on trend.

11 thoughts on “ABOUT AARON

  1. Thank you dear for following me. Verbal abuse and bullying is so bad and especially here today in Atlantic Canada. Three suicides in on school over 6 months and a bullying situation helped with bikers. Check out verbal abuse prevention canada. ..have a great day dear 😉

  2. Hello Aaron, I would love to get a haircut done by you. Do you own a salon in Toronto, if so where can I find it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rebeca,
      Of coarse I can do your hair. I manage a salon in the rosedale area on yonge in toronto called kearns and co hair.. the number is 4169676014. Hope to see you for a hair transformation.

  3. Hi Aaron,

    I love your work and would love to get balayage done on myself but I wanted to ask what your prices are. Please do let me know what the range of prices are!

    1. Hi Hana, Balayage with Toner all in is 200 dollars before tax once there is no correction work involved. If there are any extras I give a breakdown of everything and its your choice what I do and dont do. I am very clear on my prices and dont have any hidden costs. Hope this helps my dear.

  4. Aaron you are a really hard worked and fantastic at your job miss you so much doing my colour my hair has never looked the same since you left missing you loads xxxxxxxxx keep up the good work there

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